The software development / web development work process flow varies from customer to customer.

We have so many software development models which can be used in different projects according to business needs.

The main issues we face in the software development life cycle in the software market are timing , budget , customer satisfaction, understanding requirements, end user satisfaction etc. . Which is leading the team towards catastrophe and we have a lot of examples available in our local market about outdated and out of budget projects.

The standard model following in the market nowadays is AGILE DEVELOPMENT MODEL where all the stockholders will be on the same patch during complete software development life cycle to overcome the above issues.

We will work on different sprints which will be released time by time after approval and review by stockholders.

The purpose is to adopt the AGILE DEVELOPMENT MODEL to ensure the release of the product on time and within the decided budget to overcome the timing, budget, customer satisfaction issues, and the main thing that all the stockholders know about the work progress and getting technical assistance within the team.

The Software development life cycle stands on different phases which maintain the software efficiency and ensure effective productivity. We will follow the following standards phases to pick up or work on any project.

The requirement phase is very important in which we will first understand the requirements that what the customer is demanded using different requirement gathering   techniques, we will gather the requirements using following techniques.
1) Rough Discussion with Customer and understand the idea or their problem which is to solve.

After Rough idea discussion we will go on to Analysis Phase where we will understand the problem and identify the areas where we have to work and entertain the customer about the problem. We will understand the risk in a project and technical terms.

After initial discussion we will pitch the Pre- Proposal where all the understand problem and their solutions will be discussed, this document will lead us towards detail understanding of requirements.

After pre-proposal pitch and approval of management of go-ahead we will have a to b work on detail requirements gathering.
1) Visit the production area and check the environment of working flow
2) interviews with end users
3) questioner about the confusing requirements etc.

After understanding complete requirement we will have to pitch the detail requirement gathering document which needs approval of the heads that all stockholders are agree on a document.


After Approval the team will work on a complete flow and design mockups of a product.
In this phase we will work on a following:

1) System UI Designs
2) Class Diagrams
3) Database Diagrams
4) Activity Diagrams
5) Use cases
and many more technical diagrams which is more before starting development work.


After Design phases the development team will start following the instructions as decided in design phase.

This work will be in different sprint leading by different scrum master.
The sprints will be release after complete review and feedback.


Testing is very important phase in software development life cycle. Where we will do important testing like.
1) unit testing
2) black box
3) white box
4)validation testing
5)recovery testing
6)security testing etc.

After complete testing we will deployed the product on client end.