• Digital Marketing 

    Wise digital Solutions, A rapidly growing web designing / development, graphic designing & digital marketing service providers having many satisfied clients across the globe. We aim for the satisfaction of the clients and always do our best to take good care of our employees.


    Summary of Services in Digital Marketing


    Social media marketing

    ·         Social media management

    ·         Profile setup and integration

    ·         Social content

    ·         Consultation and audience research

    ·         Social analytics and tracking

    Social media advertising

    ·         Ads setup and management

    ·         Ads strategy & Planning

    ·         Analytics and tracking


    ·         Search engine marketing management

    ·         Products ads campaign

    ·         Setup & strategy consultation

    ·         Ads review and optimization

    Display advertising

    ·         Campaign setup and management

    ·         Ad review and optimization

    ·         Remarketing

    Community management

    ·         Growth partnership and monetization

    ·         Management and engagement

    ·         Planning strategy and setup

    ·         Sourcing & Recruiting 

    E commerce marketing

    ·         Ecommerce social media marketing

    ·         Website development and marketing           

    Text message marketing

    Mobile marketing & Advertising

    ·         App store optimization

    ·         Mobile ads campaign

    Website Designing and Development

    ·         WordPress Development

    ·         PHP Development

    Upon hiring us, our services include but are not limited to:


    ·         Optimizing your social media accounts 

    ·         Creating high quality images branded with your logo or website URL

    ·         Trending hashtag research 

    ·         Increasing engagement

    ·         Increasing brand awareness and much more!


    What I Guarantee:

    ·         100% Original and Manual work

    ·         100% Custom Service tailored to your need

    ·         100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


    That is why I am offering effective practices that will grow audience and revenue:


    ·         Content Creation (Creative/ Engaging/ Niche related )

    ·         Hashtag research (Reaching your target audience)

    ·         Page Optimization/Customization (For better visibility/organic exposure)

    ·         Social Media Strategy (Action Plan)

    ·         Building Brand Awareness/Exposure Organically

    ·         Competitor Analysis

    ·         Posts Scheduling (At best times to reach maximum people)

    ·         Setting up ad campaigns (Analyzing/ setting up campaigns according to your goal)


    I can Create, Manage and Grow your:


    ·         Instagram

    ·         Facebook

    ·         Twitter

    ·         LinkedIn

    ·         Pinterest

    I am confident that my experience as well as my ability to collaborate and communicate, make me a strong candidate for being your Online Media Manager!

    By Ch Waseem